XO Tea



As the weather becomes colder in the mornings, there’s nothing better than a warm cup of tea, so I was so excited when XO Tea sent some samples along for me to try!

XO Teas are originally based in Perth, but have recently expanded into the East Coast market. I really loved the perfectly paired flavour combinations that feature in all of their tea ranges. All of their teas are made from natural extracts – so good! Their packaging is extremely beautiful as well, with a shiny gold logo and convenient silver tea pouches that can be tied and re-boxed.

I was lucky enough to try four of their teas, which were all very different. My favourite was the Autumn Strudel, which was a rich, fragrant blend of black tea with cinnamon, apple and vanilla. I also liked the Seven Sisters masala chai tea, which was a Indian inspired spice blend with black tea and cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, fennel, dried ginger and bergamot. Both teas brewed really nicely, and didn’t have to sit for too long to get to the strength that I liked.

These teas would be a perfect gift for a loved one or friend! With Mothers’ Day coming up, I’ll be sure to brew a pot for her for a breakfast-in-bed treat – I’m sure she’ll love it!! They’re great with a snack as well – on a lazy Sunday I baked up some pumpkin scones for a divine afternoon of tea and scones, and the Autumn Strudel tea complemented them really well.

Check out their full range at xoteas.com and give the teas a try for yourself. They have free shipping for purchases of 3 boxes or more, so grab some as gifts or build your own collection.

Happy sipping!


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