Hunter Gatherer

Recently, we were lucky enough to be invited to the launch of Hunter Gatherer, a bar and eatery located on the top of Greenwood Plaza in North Sydney. Headed up by Michelin star trained chef Paul Micklewright, we were thoroughly excited to try his fresh and sustainable new menu in a lovely environment.


For food, we tried a wide range of items that feature on the new menu and were thoroughly impressed! If this is reflective of the rest of the menu that is enough for us to recommend that you try out Hunter Gatherer. First off were the Freemans Reach Zucchini Flowers. These were simply wow – we have always been fans of zucchini flowers, but Hunter Gatherer managed to perfect the balance between the zucchini and the crunch of the exterior.

Complementing this, we also had some freshly shucked Batemans Bay oysters, which tasted lovely. We had never seen oysters shucked fresh before so it was very exciting to see the process. The end result was similarly exciting – we have never had oysters that tasted as fresh.

After the standard had been set extraordinarily high, we tried the Thirlmere free range chicken liver parfait with brioche and onion jam. Unfortunately, this was not quite the same as the others for us, however that is likely to simply be the fact that we are not massive fans of chicken liver as others said that they found it delicious.

After this though came the trifecta highlight of the evening for us: the O’Conners Range Black Angus wagyu brisket pasty with house-made pastry, the Junee Free Range Lamb Riblets and the Bangalow Kurobota Pork Rillette Croquette. All three were simply amazing and we couldn’t help ourselves going back for seconds and thirds. The meat was well cooked – the meat remained perfectly tender and full of flavour.

Overall, the food was very impressive and definitely lived up to the promise of being fresh and well made. The menu is constantly changing, and it will be exciting to see what else comes up over the coming weeks.


In terms of drinks, Hunter Gatherer offers a wide range of beers, wines and cocktails to suit everyone’s tastes! We tried the rosé wine, as well as the Burnt by the Storm (Bundaberg Rum, in-house made Salted Caramel Ginger Beer and Lime) and the Cobbled Together (Tanqueray Gin, Fino Sherry, in-house made Preserved Nectarines and Lemon) cocktails.

The cocktails were simply fantastic and we would definitely recommend them! The Cobbled Together had a wonderfully fresh taste and punch to it whilst the Burnt by the Storm was sweet and smooth. If you can’t pick between them – just simply get both! 


Hunter Gatherer created a simply fantastic impression – the interior is beautiful and well designed, whilst the staff are very friendly and personable.

Designed to reflect nature, the interior contains lots of beautiful greenery, which perfectly complements the wooden tables and walls. Illuminated landscape imagery fills the wall, which also changes colour, creating a spectacular effect. The décor definitely suits the underlying philosophy of Hunter Gatherer as a place of fresh ingredients and nature.

In terms of seating, there is plenty available in both long and short tables to suit every group. This transitions seamlessly into outdoor seating, which is lovely on a warm, clear night and further into the terrace. Despite this availability of seating, Hunter Gatherer is quite busy so make sure to plan for that!


Hunter Gatherer is conveniently located, beautiful and delicious. Simply put, there’s not much else you can ask for. I would highly recommend getting a group of friends together and checking it out one night for dinner and drinks – you can’t go wrong.

For more information, check out the Hunter Gatherer website here.

Note: Khana was invited to be a guest of Hunter Gatherer for the launch

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