Bar Luca

We had heard legends of the Blame Canada burger at Bar Luca for many months. It was voted the number one burger in Sydney in a major poll on the Fatties Facebook group. Friends had told us it was a must-try. We were therefore very excited when we finally got the chance to walk up from the lovely Circular Quay to Bar Luca to try it.


Unsurprisingly, we both ordered the Blame Canada – breaking our usual policy of trying to order different foods. The Blame Canada consists of a 200g wagyu beef pattie, maple glazed streaky bacon, American cheddar, poutine and maple aioli. The first thing that we noted is that the burger is quite big, and was hot which is always good! We counted to three and took our first bites…


The entire experience was absolutely amazing and I can honestly say that we have never tried a burger as good as the Blame Canada in our entire lives. If you have not tried it yet, take this as a recommendation to immediately go to Bar Luca and do so.

The pattie is served slightly pink and soft, whilst the bacon is crunchy and adds a perfect texture to the burger. The poutine is messy but glorious and the buns are perfectly soft and just add to the overall taste.

We ordered the burger with fries on the side which were quite nice, and allowed us to mop up the excess maple aioli.


On our first visit, we hadn’t made a reservation for lunch which we soon realised was a mistake due to the crowds. We ordered takeaway instead and ate at the Botanic Gardens which was nice! On our second visit, we managed to get the indoors experience, which was very enjoyable. The staff were quite friendly and the burgers take about 15 minutes to come out.


There isn’t much to add except to reinforce the fact that you must try Bar Luca, sooner rather than later. It is worth noting that on Monday’s and Tuesday’s they have a Fatties special where you can get free fries with your burger. Since our first burger, we have been back three times and this trend does not look like it will end anytime soon.

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