Brooklyn Hide

For a quick breakfast before uni, we stopped off at Brooklyn Hide to try some of their freshly baked bagels with delicious toppings!

My pick was the Hell’s Kitchen, which I had on a poppy seed bagel. It had prosciutto, avocado, feta, rocket and lime, which was a great combination, and so refreshing and zesty. I also tried a bit of the Soho, with smoked salmon, red onion, hummus, rocket and olive, which was tasty as well. Both bagels had plenty of filling, and were a sizeable meal. The chai, however, wasn’t the best I’ve had, and had too much of a leafy tea flavour, so I’d stick to a juice for next time.

Brooklyn Hide is just a short walk away from Central Station, and service is super quick, making it perfect for a pre-work brekky on the go. The staff are really friendly, and you can see all of the bagels displayed at the back, which was cool! The decor is reminiscent of a New York deli, and was very welcoming, with seating inside and a few stools outside as well.

For a quick, cheap, and healthy (or decadent!) breakfast, head over to Brooklyn Hide – they’re the best bagels I’ve had in Sydney so far! There’s a bunch of variety on their menu, and you can get plain bagels, bagels with spreads, or bagels with toppings, and they have a bunch of non-bagel options as well.

Brooklyn Hide Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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