Doughnut Time

As part of Vegan Day Out, we were so excited to try the two varieties on offer at Doughnut Time, and see if they were as delicious as the rest of the range.

We tried the red velvet and vegan chocolate varieties. First up was the vegan chocolate, which wasn’t too rich, and had a good texture and cocoa flavour. We felt like we weren’t missing too much from the normal chocolate variety, and the icing was super delicious as well. We then had some of the red velvet variety, and all of us universally agreed – this was AMAZING!

It was so delicious, and had a good amount of breadiness without being too doughy. Rather than cream cheese, they used a regular glazed icing, which was a good touch, and ensured it wasn’t too rich. It was such a highlight, and tasting this variety, we didn’t miss non-vegan doughnuts at all.

Doughnut Time in Glebe is a hole-in-the-wall outlet, so you can grab your doughnuts on the go. It’s a bit on the pricier side, but one is more than enough, and they’re perfect for sharing as well. Be sure to go early for the more popular flavours though, as we were lucky to get these doughnuts, but an hour later, the red velvet had sold out.

I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience of vegan dessert, and Doughnut Time definitely didn’t compromise on flavour to provide these two varieties! Head on over to one of their locations and give it a try, and they deliver as well.

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