Tour De France Cooking Masterclass

Yesterday, we were invited to take part in a “Tour De France” cooking masterclass, hosted by Vive Cooking School, as part of the BBR Festival. The BBR Festival is located in Circular Quay, and is a celebration of French food, wines and culture. As massive lovers of French cuisine, we were very keen to see all the stalls and explore what was on offer. Naturally, we were also super excited to take part in the cooking class, and see how the traditional dishes that we love are made.

Our host for the cooking class was Julien, who is the head chef at Vive. Born and raised in France, he has been a head chef at restaurants across Europe. Yesterday, he showed us how to make tartiflette and crepes.

The entire class was simply amazing! Julien kept emphasising the importance of quality ingredients and keeping things simple whilst cooking, and we were able to take part ourselves in various aspects of the cooking process. I managed to flip a crepe within a pan, which was a very exciting achievement, and we were all continually wowed at Julien’s mastery of the kitchen – indeed we all learnt a lot of useful techniques to take home that we will be using.

After all the hard work of preparing the dishes, it was time for the exciting part, the tasting. We started with the tartiflette, which was so delicious! Tartiflette is a dish from the Savoy region in the French Alps, and consists of potatoes, cream, onions, garlic and cheese. It was rich, delicious, and simply perfect for a cold, wintery day.

The crepes were also incredible. We tried some with the standard sugar and lemon, as well as others with a more exciting combination of fresh orange, whipped cream, strawberries and grand marnier. Through this process, Julien highlighted the versatility of crepes, and how they can complement any topping. Needless to say, all of the crepes were delicious.

After the class, we explored the rest of the BBR Festival. There was quite the range of food and wine on offer, as well as some stalls celebrating other European cultures such as Greek and Spanish. We had a great time, so if you are in the CBD anytime from now until this Sunday 17 July, make sure to drop by the festival. Additionally, be sure to check out the Vive Cooking School for classes at the BBR Festival which we would very highly recommend, either for yourself or as a gift. If you book online HERE and use the discount code “BBRCOOK49”, you can receive a 1.5 hour masterclass, main, dessert and a glass of vino for $49pp (discounted from $77pp).

Note: The Khana was invited as a guest of Cardinal Spin, the BBR Festival and Vive Cooking School.



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