Fortune Village


Last week, we were invited to a Zomato foodie meet-up at Fortune Village, a lovely Chinese restaurant located on Clarence Street in the CBD. Before this, we hadn’t had Chinese food for a number of weeks, and so we were very excited to sample their banquet menu and see what was on offer!

Fortune Village prides itself on doing simple dishes exceptionally well, and a lot of their menu involves slight twists on traditional Chinese meals. Before going through everything that was on offer, as a brief summary we had an amazing experience and found each of the dishes to be unique, full of flavour, and overall incredible. We left feeling that Fortune Village was towards the top of our favourite Chinese dining experiences, and would definitely recommend this. So, to the individual dishes…

The first dish we were served was called the Trio of Pancakes – a twist on the traditional duck pancake. Consisting of a spicy lamb pancake, a chicken pancake, and a duck meat with hoisin sauce pancake, we found them to be delicious and a lovely opener to the rest of the evening. My personal favourite was the spicy lamb due to its distinctive taste. Second on the menu were the Shanghai Soup Dumpling Sliders, or essentially a xiaolongbao. These are one of my favourite Chinese dishes, and they did not disappoint.

With our taste buds having been teased with these two openers, we were looking forward to the rest of the meal!

To our surprise, the next dish was not, in fact, a single dish but a trio of them: the Fragrant Curried Chicken Fried Rice, the Honey Pepper Beef, and the Sweet and Sour Pork.

The Fragrant Curried Chicken Fried Rice was simultaneously delicious and intriguing. It was quite flavoursome, and complemented the rest of the meats very well, as well as being lovely by itself! Because of this, we would strongly recommend ordering this over a standard rice.

Both the accompanying meats were also amazing – the Honey Pepper Beef was nice and tender, whilst the Sweet and Sour Pork was quite good. Not being a massive fan of sweet and sour pork normally, we surprised ourselves by coming back for a second serving. If you are a fan of sweet and sour pork, make sure to give this a go.

After this, we were served Fortune Village’s signature dish – their Tamarind Chicken. Just one bite and it was obvious why it was a signature dish – perfectly cooked, full of flavour, and working perfectly with the rice, it was a true delight and a major highlight of our evening. We would definitely recommend ordering this when you come. Around the same time we also tried the King Prawns with Sugar Peas, which perfectly captured the philosophy of Fortune Village. It was a very traditional, simple dish that was just made so well and was filling, delicious and happy.

Finally, to round out the non-dessert component of our meal, we had the Eggplant in Chilli Garlic Blackbean Sauce. One of the owner’s favourite dishes, this was the highlight for the majority of the table, and one bite makes clear why that is the case. Even for non-eggplant lovers, give it a shot because it will surprise you.

By now, we were quite full but had also been promised some fried ice-cream so we activated the dessert stomachs and prepared ourselves. We were not disappointed. The fried ice-cream came served with three sweet sauces, and was just perfectly made. Together with the traditional tea we were given, it was a lovely way to round out the meal.

The overall experience that we had at Fortune Village was simply amazing! Simon, the owner, took the time to sit with us and explain everything, and it was clear that he values the dining experience very highly. It was fascinating hearing his stories of customer service, which clearly seeps through to the wait staff who were all exceptional. In addition to great service, they were all super friendly and had a smile on their faces, which was lovely.

The actual interior of Fortune Village is also lovely – it is spacious and well designed, and has a nice mood to it.

As is clear from the above review, we had an amazing time at Fortune Village – the food, the staff and the overall experience was simply incredible and we will definitely be back! If you’re looking for a good Chinese option in the city, make sure to give Fortune Village a shot (they’re also on Foodora for deliveries).

Note: The Khana was a guest of Fortune Village and Zomato.

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