Junk Lounge

With rain bucketing down outside, we headed to Junk Lounge, a funky, vibrant bar at the Overseas Passenger Terminal with a beautiful view of the harbour at Circular Quay!

We were so excited to try the creative, Asian-inspired drinks! Our first pick was the Kung Fu Hustle, a vodka based cocktail with lychee ginger syrup, fresh apple and citrus juice. It was light and refreshing, and delicate, with great zesty flavours.

We also had a Watermelon Wiggle, which had fresh watermelon juice, vodka, cherry liqueur and lemon juice. We especially loved the addition of fresh juice, which was a great touch, and made the taste of watermelon really shine! The Baiju Business was our third pick, which was a milder drink with tangy tropical fruit, and was the most exotic of the cocktails.

Finally, while we were pre-warned that the Monkey Magic packs a punch, we had to try it regardless. It was a great combination of tequila, green mango, yuzu pepper and lime, but tempered with the sweet agave syrup and green apple. This was such a highlight and my favourite drink of the night – the bold tastes combined to create a really unique taste sensation of spicy and sweet!

To accompany our amazing drinks, we started off with some Fried Beef Dumplings, with thin, crispy pastry and plenty of filling! We also couldn’t pass up some Pork Belly Baos, which were light and fluffy and paired with pickled vegetables that added a refreshing note to the rich pork belly.

Next up was the Malay Satay Chicken Skewers, which were beautifully grilled with a nice char. The accompanying peanut sauce had huge chunks of peanuts and paired perfectly with the meat. Finally, we were most excited for the Duck Udon Noodles, which looked fantastic, and tasted even better! The silky noodles in the flavoursome duck broth was a perfect combination, and we were left feeling so super satisfied!

Junk Lounge is located on the top level of Cargo Bar, and is a great space, with couches overlooking the harbour, a large communal table that is perfect for big groups, and even a section tucked away behind a curtain for private events. The view is stunning – we arrived at dusk, and watched the sun set over Circular Quay, with a beautiful vista of the Opera House and ferries coming into port.

The staff were all so lovely and attentive, with service being fast and efficient. The food came incrementally, which allowed us to savour each dish alongside our drinks, and added to the experience. The menu is expansive, with a good selection of dumplings, grilled skewers, mains and desserts for lovers of Asian cuisine, and portions are really generous as well!

We enjoyed a perfect, relaxing evening dining and sipping at Junk Lounge – the modern Asian menu with a twist was a real treat, and we were amazed with all of the different and unique flavours and textures. Be sure to get there early and grab a table with a view, and bring a camera, you won’t regret it!

Note: Khana dined as a guest. Thanks so much to Zomato and Junk Lounge for organising the visit!

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