Orto Trading Co.

A pre-Ski Trip brunch led to the discovery of an amazing cafe by the name of Orto Trading Co., located just a 10 minute walk from Central Station.

The menu consisted of an all day breakfast selection, and heavier lunch items for past 11:30. We opted for something from each, and got the famous Hash 2.0, the Cape Grim Skirt, and Polenta Chips with Blue Cheese Sauce. The hash was tasty and the flavours all worked so well together. I especially liked the asparagus, which was refreshing and added something different to the plate, but I would have liked more avocado, rather than an avocado puree. Also it didn’t look as visually appealing as I was expecting, as I thought it would come as a stack like I had seen in the many Instagram pictures of this amazing dish, so that was a little disappointing.

The steak on the other hand was so delicious! Perfectly cooked, and a nice medium rare, and the accompanying sauces were so good, especially the basil sauce. The mushrooms were also beautifully done, and I’d have to say that this would be in my top 3 steaks of all time, which is pretty amazing for a tiny cafe! The polenta chips seemed a little bit underdone and the sauce was underwhelming, so I would probably avoid those in the future.

The cafe had a relaxed vibe, and while service was a little slow, it was nice to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air while we waited for the menus and our food. The waitstaff were all really lovely and friendly, and the decor inside was well done.

For a lovely brunch, breakfast or lunch, head to Orto Trading Co. – it’s definitely worth a try, and the steak is to die for!

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