Gelato Messina

An amazing Groupon deal for 2 scoops of Gelato Messina ice-cream for just $3 was too good to resist, so we made the trek to Surry Hills to try it out!

Messina has such a great range of classic and traditional flavors which are complemented by quirky, creative options that are placed on a specials board just inside the shop. The best thing about coming to Messina is that you can discover which ones you enjoy, as the staff are happy to give you a small sample of a few until you come to your final decision! I opted for the salted caramel for my first scoop, which is my favorite flavor, and Messina’s version didn’t disappoint! There was the right amount of saltiness and kick, and there were white chocolate chips interspersed throughout to add some sweetness and balance it out! My other choice was pandan and coconut, which was a sorbet rather than a gelato. It was a good complement to the salted caramel, as it was more tart, and tasted fresh and icy, as a good sorbet should. My companion grabbed the mint ice cream and paired this with the passionfruit sorbet, which was also a good mix of sweet and sour. Because the gelato flavors are so sweet, I’d recommend getting one of the gelato scoops and one of the sorbet scoops which are a bit more tart to give a good combination of flavours.

The store itself is a ten minute walk from Central, but be warned, it’s a bit of a trek up a steep-ish hill, so wear some good shoes! It’s also quite difficult to spot the sign or banner, since it doesn’t have the Messina name on it, but instead, the print on the cups, as the distinctive logo. There’s not a lot of room to sit inside, but there are a few small tables, and there’s always the park across the road if you have a bigger group. The staff are really great if you’re overwhelmed by the amazing choice of flavours and want to try a few, or if you’re taking your time deciding, they’re happy to recommend things for you as well. Don’t forget to take a look at their cakes as well – the mushroom ice cream creation is so cute!

At such a bargain price, the Groupon was fantastic value, and a great way to try more of the amazing flavours that Messina has on offer. A perfect dessert or treat for the afternoon or for a hot day!

Gelato Messina Surry Hills on Urbanspoon


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